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Want to know the scoop on what’s going on with your poop?! Then you came to the right spot! This section contains content regarding “normal” pooping facts and frequently asked pooping questions that don’t fall into our other categories.

The Poop Emoji Shirt!

Rarely does an article of clothing come around that effectively demonstrates your affinity for poop culture. That all changes April of 2015! Betabrand, a high-end, online designer, manufacturer and retailer based out of San Fransico is set to release the “Poop Emoji Button-Up Shirt”, prototype seen here: From far away the short-sleeved button up may […]

Longest Human Poop

This article contains graphic content not suitable for children. Question: “What is the world record for the longest human poop?” Answer: After much research this question is still a mystery to us here at PoopingProblems.com . Unfortunately there are no well-respected, accredited record keeping institutions that keep record of largest bowel movements. Our investigation did […]

How Often Should I Poop?

How often should I poop? One of the most frequently asked question when talking number two is, frequency! How often should I be pooping? Due to the fact that everyone is different and the wide array of environmental variables that contribute to the frequency of defecation there is no exact number that would be considered […]

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