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Call us immature, call us juvenile, call us sick, but there is some bathroom humor that is just too funny! Although many of the topics covered on this site are often serious in nature there is always room for some funny stories and a gross joke here and there.

This section contains funny stories, jokes or general light-hearted content related to using the restroom. ENJOY!

Funny Poop Story

If only she’d seen hack #1 and #2 in “Home Bathroom Hacks” she’d be out of that mess! Check out how to avoid this disaster here -> http://www.poopingproblems.com/home-bathroom-hacks/     http://www.AdBakery.com Produced by: Sean Hazell, Adrian Parks. Directed by: Adrian Parks. Starring: RenĂ©e Percy, David Ivkovic. Camera: Roy Contreras.

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